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Jeepers GPars Edinburgh - The Aftermath

Last Wednesday evening I did my talk about GPars to the BCS Edinburgh Group. I am not sure whether the audience was bigger or smaller than usual, but most of the chairs set out in the room were taken, so about the number the organizers expected turned up. The biggest problem was not the projector, which seemed to "just work", it was that the lectern was facing the wrong way, and so not usable, and the video cable wasn't long enough to reach a good place to talk from. Nothing the meeting organizers could do about it, but something the venue folk really ought to look to. In the end though a minor inconvenience.

For some reason or other, almost certainly a figment of my imagination, I had the belief this was to be a 90 min session and had planned accordingly. In reality the organizers were expecting 50 to 60 mins of presentation, with a hard deadline of being out of the building 89 mins after the session was due to start! Not a disaster, or even really a problem, but it meant rearranging the code presentation part of the session on the fly to just pick out the core highlights rather than the lengthier flow originally planned. Or to put it another way: sorry to the audience for a less than smooth presentation of the code.

Having said that, the audience reacted in the expected ways at the expected points in the session, and the questions and points raised were all on point and perceptive. Also the conversation at the adjournment to a local hostelry was good. I enjoyed it all, I hope the audience did.

Oh, and I finally got to meet one person I have been having email exchanges with for four or five years and another person I have been emailing with for two or three years without previously having met them. It was great to finally meet them both. It must be said though that the photos on the Web do not make it entirely easy to recognize them!

A PDF file of the slides I used for the session can be found here.

Thanks to Seb Rose for the invitation, and to whoever sacrificed whatever to ensure a dry and sunny two days to ensure The Royal Mile etc. was at it's best for September.

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