LJC Unconference 2011

120 people turned up yesterday (yes Saturday) for the London Java Community (LJC) annual unconference. I had intended to be a non-presenting delegate. However when it came time to propose sessions, I could not resist proposing a lightning talk on GPars and a group discussion on "Parallelism on the JVM".

I quickly put some slides together for the lightning talk, they are to be found here. I thought the talk went well, certainly people came up during the lunch break to discuss various things about parallelism ion the JVM generally and GPars in particular.

In the end my proposal for a discussion meeting and a proposal for a Q&A panel session got merged, so I found myself on the panel. The natural direction given the members of the panel was parallelism so that seemed fine. I thought the discussion worked well.

The conference was excellent. All the session I went to were great. Well done the team for putting on such a good event.

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