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Groovy - From Zero to Hero

On 2012-04-02 and 2012-04-03 the JAX Days are being held in London. On the first of these days, 2012-04-02, I will be presenting a one- day "learn in" on the Groovy programming language.

Groovy is a dynamic language designed to be symbiotic with Java: Groovy and Java work together on the JVM, they don't fight each other. When developing systems on the JVM, Groovy makes a very dynamic partner to Java: you write the bits of your system that are best handled by a static language in Java, and those bits best handled by a dynamic language in Groovy.

This one-day session at JAX Days is designed to be for people who have some knowledge of Java to be able to start learning and become proficient at using Groovy, and indeed mixing Groovy and Java in the same system. The intention is for this to be a fun as well as informative day: I am strong believer that programming should be fun.

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