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KCL Invited Lecture

In 2011, Laurie Tratt asked me to do a guest lecture in his BSc final year/MSc course on testing at KCL. Sadly timings meant it couldn't happen. However, we agreed to ensure it happened in 2012. The date that was settled on was 2012-12-06. The slot is a 2 hour slot ideal for 2 50 min session with a short break. As per usual, I had prepared too much material; either that or I spent too long on some of the earlier parts. So I had to somewhat curtail the practical elements, and I failed to really get stuck in to mocks.

Initially the intention had been to do all the practical bits in Python, but Laurie and I agreed that doing some Java would be a good move given the background of the students. We also agreed on Git rather than Mercurial or Bazaar as the version control system to make use of. Polling the students in the session indicated this was good planning on our part! I also tried to show of Spock as a really Groovy testing toolkit for Java and Groovy code.

It has been 12 years since I was Professor of Computing Science and Head of Department at KCL. Much about the place has changed, but much is the same. The lecture theatre in which the session took place is one I used to do many of my lectures in. Except that it has had a serious refit since then and is now rather splendid. It has also had a rename as an honour to Arthur Lucas, who was Principle of KCL when I was on the staff.

I enjoyed doing the session, thanks to Laurie for asking. I believe many of the students really enjoyed the session given the questions people came up to me at the end and asked. Thanks to them for being a good audience.

A PDF file of the slides used can be found here.

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