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LJC UnConference 2012

The London Java Community (LJC) UnConference 2012 happened Saturday 2012-11-24 and I failed to write up my contribution.

I had a more or less prepared 45 minute session presenting Groovy as a programming language to prefer over Java 8, which I proposed, was accepted and given. The slides for this session are here. Hopefully those people who turned up went away thinking Groovy is cool, who needs Java 8.

I proposed a more or less prepared lightning talk Trying to convince people that GroovyFX was the one true language for programming the JavaFX API (instead of fighting with Java), and it got accepted and presented. The slides for this talk are here.

I was convinced to propose a completely unprepared session on Gradle as a build tool to replace Ant and Maven. This was accepted and given. I hastily prepared a content free set of slides and did the presentation entirely as a live programming activity with some presentation of already undertaken projects. The slides for this talk are here.

I enjoyed presenting the sessions I did, and I very much enjoyed all the other session, and the breaks, and the social afterwards. A great event.

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