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Greach 2013

Alberto Vilches asked me when we met at Gr8Conf EU 2012, whether I would submit a session proposal for the Greach 2013 conference. As it made a great excuse to visit Spain for the first time ever, and do a session on GPars to a different audience, I said yes. Good choice.

Well the conference is just over, and great fun it was, as well as being informative. It being a Spanish conference, most of the business was in Spanish, but it also ensured an international accessibility by having a lot of business in English. Given the French, English and Mexican/Colombian contingents at the conference, along with the majority Spanish audience, the mix of Spanish and English sessions worked well.

Given that the core Groovy and Grails activist community is fairly small, many of the speakers were familiar faces. Many speakers though, and this is really good news for Groovy and Grails, were new faces presenting really good material based on solid experience.

My session, a GPars Workshop was intended as a hands-on practical session. Things started as planned and seemed to be going well. However, a website failure and my using an exercise topic that was too ambitious for the context, meant I ended up having to do much more of a presentation session. Indeed I ended up having to skip some of the material. I believe I got the core message across in a form that people learnt from, but I didn't feel this was the session I had advertised. Still there were tweets that people liked the session, so in its dynamically amended form it does seem to have been liked. I will be further amending and re-presenting this session at future conferences to make it work well as a conference activity. Eventually I think I may well generate a 2-day training course as an intermediate/advanced Groovy programming course – I am told 2-day rather than 1-day works better logistically for training courses. It also works better for course content and usefulness.

A PDF file of the "slides" intended (not all were used) for showing at the workshop can be accessed by clicking here.

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