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"Switch to Python 3… now… immediately." TLPG at SkillsMatter 2013-02-12

_ For some reason known only to no-one, I have only just noticed that a post I had intended to make 2013-02-18 never actually made it to the website. I have therefore ditched that post and written this one instead. _

Many moons ago The London Python Group (TLPG) was formed. This has generally been considered a good thing.

The organizational strategy has been to have monthly meetings alternately being a pub meet-up and a technical presentation session. For 2013-02-12 it was technical session time, and I volunteered to present a session encouraging people to drop use of Python 2 and to take on board Python 3. For various reasons we held the session at Skills Matter. The original notice is here. As ever Skills Matter videoed the session and the page with the video is here.

The slides associated with the talk can be found on Slideshare here, or on my website here.

My presentation was really a polemic against organizations failing to even plan to switch from Python 2 to Python 3. Some folks in the audience said they had no plan to switch because critical packages and modules were not available in Python 3, which ironically, made my point exactly. People writing applications need to ignore Python 2 only package and modules, and work only with ones that are Python 3 or both Python 3 and Python 2, even if this means switching away from de facto standards. I am now ceasing to use, and indeed replacing, any Python sub-system that isn't already Python 3 compatible or at least has a short timescale milestone to be Python 3 compatible.

The Python software Foundation should set a date for the term Python to mean Python 3 not Python 2. In the meantime, organizations should just get on with it, pull their fingers out, and upgrade.

As it happens TLPG got a sponsor for the evening, so it turned into something of a social event as well as a technical session. BMC were looking for a senior technical person to run some of their product developments. They chose to spend some money on post-session beer and food for the audience, in exchange for being allowed a 5 minute pitch at the start. The pitch was handled in excellent spirit, so added to the overall experience, rather than being a tedious thing. The beer and food went down well with the audience, and some great social happened.

_ I am told that BMC have yet to find the right person for the role they have available, if you think you might be a contender see here. _

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