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"GroovyFX: or how to program JavaFX easily" BCS APSG 2013-03-14

The BCS Advanced Programming Specialist Group (APSG) asked me to do a presentation about GroovyFX to the group 2013-03-14, which I was most happy to do. Despite all the planning, the session did not go at all as planned.

I started with a little historical background to indicate why GroovyFX exists. Originally JavaFX had a declarative UI specification language JavaFX Script. However JavaFX didn't take off as perhaps it should have done. When JavaFX 2 was being planned it was decided to drop JavaFX Script and make JavaFX purely a Java API. GroovyFX is therefore the scripting language for JavaFX.

The audience were not familiar with either Groovy or JavaFX so I tried to stick to a few simple examples to just get people interesting in learning more about the whole area. Given that I use Gradle as my build tool, and it uses Groovy as its build specification language, I digressed into a bit of build to demonstrate Groovy, and also introduced an element of polemic against Maven (and Ant).

I got back onto the contents list by doing some demonstrations of code actually running. This led to discussion of SceneBuilder and then finished off with a pointer to Griffon, which is a development environment for Swing and JavaFX based desktop applications.

Slides (*) for the session are available on Slideshare here or on my website here.

The session was videoed but appears to have been posted in two parts. Part one is here, part two is here.

_ (*) There is an import error in the code on one of the slides: groovyfx.javafx should read groovyx.javafx. _

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