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The Last Day of 2013

Testing, testing


As 2013 comes to a close (yes I know it already has in some timezones as I write this, but let's stick with the local timezone GMT, aka +00:00), it is clear that I have not been blogging much this year. I think this is because I am using Twitter and Google+ much more. Also, I hate writing HTML code, which is the entry format used by Pyblosxom, which is what I use to power this blog. I have recently discovered that Pyblosxom has not only changed it's name (it used to be PyBlosxom), it can also support Markdown and ReStructured Text.

The experiment

So this blog is entirely about trying out the Mardown capability. It is almost certainly totally content free, but then this is what is needed for a experiment like this.

Well that seems to have worked

I seem to have a working toolchain and workflow. Thus I am now obligated to:

  1. Do some more blogging.
  2. Write about stuff people want to read about.
  3. Get "Python for Rookies", 2nd edition done.
  4. Play my guitars more.

I am sure this amounts to a "New Year's Resolution" or four, let's hope I do not fail – at least not on all of them.

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